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  • 27 jan Séminaire

    Nowadays, monitoring the impact of human activities on the environment is a major challenge as many pollutants can be found in the different ecosystems. It is therefore important to understand their past and present evolution to predict future consequences. We are interested here in the impacts of the nuclear industry on rivers that started in the middle of the 20th century.

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  • 15 déc Actualité

    Titre : Transfert des molécules organiques traces des eaux usées traitées dans un système de "Soil Aquifer Treatment" (SAT) - Application à l’hydrosystème côtier d’Agon-Coutainville (Manche)

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  • 09 déc Séminaire

    Understanding the vulnerability of water management under global change is the premise for designing adaptation actions. A comprehensive assessment of current water management vulnerability to future changes hinges on new tools that are able to represent human impact on water resources and innovative frameworks that are able to generate new insights to inform adaptation designing.

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  • 18 nov Séminaire

    Volcano could be distinguished into two groups due to its chemical origin properties. First is basaltic volcanoes from hotspots or rift-zone activity, and the second is andesitic volcanoes around subduction zone. The first type has been highly studied in the last 50 years (Peterson, 1972; Custodio, 1989), but the second one is less known (Charlier et al., 2011; Vittecoq et al., 2019). Located on the subduction zone, Indonesia has a lot of andesitic volcanoes.  One of amazing volcanic complex with a high potentcy of groundwater resouces is Gede – Pangrango – Salak.

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  • 21 oct Actualité

    Titre : De la production spécifique à l'homogénéisation des matières organiques dissoutes issues de végétaux

    Les membres du jury sont :

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