Master thesis in Geophysics: Numerical modeling of TDEM receiver antenna and of its EM response over the ground by finite differences.

The objective of the master thesis is the modeling of an airborne TDEM (Time Domain ElectroMagnetic) geophysical prospection device. This type of measure leads to the construction of electrical resistivity models of the subsoil. Those models then help to delineate geological structures like in karst aquifers, hydrosystems that are particularly studied at the UMR METIS research unit within the area of water resources management.

Profile: masters student at the end of his/her studies with special skills in numerical modeling and knowledge in physics (electromagnetism preferably), and with a clear interest in the geosciences. Previous training on geophysical prospection will be considered as a plus while the motivation to extend skills in the geophysical domain will be essential in the choice of the candidate.

Time period: March-August 2015, the master thesis can though start earlier and/or finish later within 2015 year.

Supervisors: Cyril Schamper (, Fayçal Rejiba (