Representation of a multipurpose reservoir system and vulnerability of water management under global change - Application to the Neste water system


Understanding the vulnerability of water management under global change is the premise for designing adaptation actions. A comprehensive assessment of current water management vulnerability to future changes hinges on new tools that are able to represent human impact on water resources and innovative frameworks that are able to generate new insights to inform adaptation designing. Therefore, this dissertation sets out to (1) develop and improve models to represent water resources, water demand, and water management in an integrated hydrological modelling framework; (2) apply a "scenario-neutral" bottom-up framework and a "scenario-led" top-down framework to identify and investigate plausible vulnerability and impact under global change. These developments and applications are demonstrated by taking the Neste water system in French Pyrenees as a case study.

Peng Huang
Salle Darcy,
Friday, 9 December, 2022 - 12:00